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Influencers Marketing: A Dart on the Psychology of Consumers Through Social Media

Dr. Mani Tyagi Dr. Saji Geroge Dr. Dileep Kumar M. Dr. Cross Daneil


This chapter is designed to help marketers broaden their horizons to attract customers through influencer marketing. The literature incorporated in the chapterprovide information about consumer buying behaviour through inspiration from different people i.e., Influencers. The chapter followed qualitative investigation with the support of content analysis and systematic literature review. Protocol based questions were created around the following social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora. The information in this chapter will help marketers gain exposure on specific social media platforms based on the industry or market in which they operate or market. To reach the right consumers in the right places, it is critical to use the right platform. Understanding this aspect will help marketers generate leads by creating low-cost campaigns.



A Graphophonemic Study of English Open-Mid Central Long Vowel (/?:/) in Educated Nigerian English Accent

Mmaduabuchi Chika Ozim& Omotosho Moses Melefa, PhD


From a graphophonemic perspective, this study examined the status of English open-mid central long vowel /?:/ in Educated Nigerian English (ENEA). Lexical items with graphemes that correspond to /?:/ in British Received Pronunciation (RP) were systematically located in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, and the phonetic realizations of the graphemes in ENEA were identified and phonemically delineated. One hundred and five words were purposively selected and their articulations in the spoken section of International Corpus of English, Nigeria (ICE-Nigeria) formed the data for the study.Seven hundred and fifty educated Nigerians, from different ethnic regions, were also randomly selected to articulate some of the words not found in ICE-Nigeria. These were analysed acoustically and perceptually. Eight graphemes were found to correspond to /?:/ in RP within the selected items, and the participants realized six different sounds (/a, ?, ?, ?a, ia, o/) for the graphemes in those words. It was found that /?a/, /ia/, and /o/ have not been recognized in earlier studies, except in Jowitt’s (2019) study, which acknowledged /?a/. Based on this, it was concluded that graphophonemic studies could be effective in delineating the phonemic system of educated Nigerian English accent, as it will facilitate codification and standardization of the variety for the achievement of its end onormative stability.


The Effects of Diversification Strategy on Economic Growth in Nigeria

Olaoye Clement Olatunji, Adeniyi Adekunle


This paper examined the diversification strategy in Nigeria as a path to economy rebirth. Specifically, the paper dealt with the impact of diversification and determinants of economic growth in Nigeria. A survey design was adopted to gather secondary data for the study for the period of 1999-2021 on quarterly basis. Data sourced from CBN statistical Bulletin.  Both diagnostics tests of unit root and co-integration techniques and Vector Correction Mechanism were used to analysis the data collected for the study. The result obtained revealed that there was a substantial impact of diversification strategy on economic growth in Nigeria. It was found that government total investment on agriculture, mining and steel, Information Technology and credit to SMEs and non-productive sector of the economy were determinants of economic growth in Nigeria. It was concluded that serious diversification was needed to enhance Nigeria economy rebirth.


Empowering Indian Women Sanitary Workers: A Need for Awarness About Breast Cancer among Them

Moghal Roshni, Ajay. A, Kesav, Sriram Alagappan


Breast cancer (BC) poses a global health challenge, demanding proactive measures for prevention and early detection. While developed nations have made strides in reducing bc mortality, the same cannot be definitively claimed for developing countries like india. This article explores the heightened breast cancer risk among female sanitation workers, a predominantly affected workforce in hazardous conditions. Factors such as gender, age, obesity, and night shift work contribute to their increased vulnerability to breast cancer. Examining India's bc landscape reveals a 50% incidence surge over two decades, with a projected substantial increase in new cases. A concerning shift from cervical to breast cancer prevalence is noted, coupled with lower survival rates due to delayed treatment. The study elucidates bc detection methods, emphasizing breast self-examination's potential in resource-limited settings. Given limited infrastructure, the article underscores the need for comprehensive awareness programs tailored to sanitation workers.Introduction: In developed countries, breast cancer (BC) mortality has been significantly decreasing due contributions from developed treatment strategies, yet the incidence of the disease has been found to increase. Although this increase can be accounted by improvements in diagnostic technologies it can also be stated that there is a failure in implication of existing BC prevention maneuvers(1)(2). Despite being the leading cancer-related disease burden among women, it is also stated as a fact that bc will affect 1 in every 8 women by 85 years in high-GDP nations. It is a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure and in order to apply that into practise for bc we must make sure the awareness about the disease among women is in an adequate level. Bc development is influenced by both genetic and non-genetic factors. When compared, the non-genetic factors are easier to be kept in check to exercise maximum prevention for, let alone bc but, any disease. The non-genetic factors for bc are age, exposure to radiation, personal history of breast pathologies, high Body-mass index (BMI), exogenous usage of female hormones, alcohol, reproductive factors (shortened breast-feeding periods, low parity, late menopause and early menarche) and exposure to hazardous(carcinogenic) chemicals(3)(4)(5). The 4’d’s that describe the work of a sanitation worker are dangerous, dirty, drudgery and dehumanizing. In India, there are almost five million people whose work come under this category. These workers are exposed to various hazardous chemicals and toxic gases from the waste they handle despite having safety equipment that have a questionable quality(6). This is indicated by higher death rates among sanitation workers (9 in every 1000) when compared to general population (7 in every 1000) (7). Women sanitation workers are at a greater risk of exposure, when compared to men, since most of them are engaged in collection and waste segregation(8). The stats discussed about breast cancer were taken from studies conducted in developed countries. India being a developing country it would require much more efforts in prevention strategies than those of the developed countries. The fact that India is one of the leading countries in population should be taken into consideration when discussing the amount of waste handled by sanitation workers. It is found that most women in sanitation work environments are non-literate (9). This would mean that these people would fall short in the awareness level when it comes to a disease like breast cancer. Hence this article aims to emphasise the need for executing prevention and awareness programs about breast cancer among women sanitation workers.


Correlations the Interplanetary Characteristics and the Occurrence of Geomagnetic Large Storms

Pawan Kumar, Mahender Pal and Sham Singh


The research work intends to investigate the correlations and interaction between interplanetary characteristics and the occurrence of geomagnetic large significant storms. Using the Dst index hourly data, Kp and solar wind measurements from various satellites and review the chain of events that happened on March 17, 2015, December 20, 2015,September 8, 2017and August 26,2018 with Dst values of -234 nT,-155 nT,-124 nT and -175 nT, respectively. Strong magnetic storms are mostly caused by high-speed solar ejectors and too-fast coronal mass ejections, whereas there is a strong positive association between solar wind speed and solar wind proton density and AE indices. Furthermore, there is a strong positive correlation between SSN and F10.7 values, polar cap values, and proton densities. The results will advance our knowledge of space weather dynamics by offering insightful information on the connections between solar wind and disturbance features. The results will advance our knowledge of space weather dynamics by offering insightful information on the connections between solar wind and disturbance features.


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