Paper Publication Charges

When an author submits a manuscript for review at one of Scope, the submitted manuscript should not have been previously published in any form and must not be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The manuscript should also not be submitted to any other journal during the review process at Scope. In case the review process at Scope takes much longer than stated and the author wishes to end the review process at Scope, he/she should get in contact with the Editorial Assistant of the journal at Scope and come to an agreement suitable for both sides after looking at the stage of the manuscript in the review process.With the Paper Publication Charges specified above, the author is given an indication what the Paper Publication Charges will be Scope are charging Paper Publication Charges but not Submission Fees. This is to the benefit to authors because payments are only due once the author knows the manuscript is accepted. Scope with editors and reviewers puts much effort in dealing with the manuscript and expects the authors to stick to the common plan of publishing the paper which is linked to payments of Paper Publication Charges as given above at the end of the review process. The author is not legally bound at this time, but it would be seen as a strong breach of academic conduct to back off from the publication process. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, Scope will issue an invoice in the Paper Submission and Manuscript Tracking System. This is Scope legal offer and will state the regular Paper Publication Charges of the journal. The Corresponding Author is expected to arrange payments of the amount stated at this time. If the author thinks Paper Publication Charges reduction, this can be discussed and doubt will certainly be addressed. In severe cases Scope Complaints Procedure can be followed and the result of this should be binding to the author. Corresponding Author is liable to paid Publication Fees behalf of all authors and after paid Publication Fees corresponding author should email the publication fees invoice.There is no author limit up to six authors and more than six authors publication fees will be double. 


Maximum Two Authors 80 USD

Maximum Four Authors 100 USD

Maximum Six Authors 120 USD


Indian Authors Publication Charge is Rs.6000 (Maximum Two Authors) Rs.7000 (Maximum four Authors) Rs.8000 (Maximum Six Authors).  


Journal Features: 
  1. Worldwide editors: Our editors are from different countries in the world, such as United State, Russia, United Kingdom, German, Canada, South Africa, China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Norway.
  2. Fast and regular publication process: The publication process generally takes only 20-30 days for a research paper publication with regular issue.
  3. Peer review process: The main aim of peer review process is the maintain the quality of published article .
  4. Online version: Online publication is advance of the printed version of the journals. We provide Certificates to all authors and also author paper with online version.
  5. Highly cited and worldwide recognition: Our Journals have international recognition. We distribute the knowledge through the dissemination of academics and practitioners from around the world. All journals published by us maintain the highest standards of quality by researchers around the world.
  6. Minimum Publication Fees: We published paper with Minimum APC and authors ask for publication fees reduction.
  7. Indexed Journal : Journal is indexed so many data base, such as Scopus, Cosmos , Baidu Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Google Scholar, Publons, Sematic Scholar and More.



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