Published Paper

Effect of Bhramari Pranayama on Occupational Stress and Sleep Quality of Corporate Workers - A Pilot Study

Ms. Parichiti Saha & Ms. Disha Rakshit
Department of Yogic Art & Science, Vinaya Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Bolpur, India
Page: 55-64
Published on: 2024 June


Background: Occupational stress is the work-related stress caused due to excessive physical and psychological strain in workplaces resulting from increased demand and workload on the employees that cause deterioration of physical health as well as cognitive faculties leading to psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, depression, frustration and poor sleep quality. Through recent studies, it has been found that several yogic techniques such as Asanas, pranayamas, chantings and meditations have been beneficial in reducing the stress mechanism caused due to Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis activation and inducing good sleep by restoring the natural circadian rhythm.Objective: To investigate the effect of Bhramari pranayama on occupational stress and sleep quality based on Workplace Stress Scale, Perceived Stress Scale and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Methodology: Eleven participants working in corporate sectors were recruited for the study using a convenience sampling technique. The research design was single group pre and post-study. Their age ranged between 20 to 40 years, belonging to both male and female genders. At the baseline, data was collected, followed by the post data after 15 days of practice of Bhramari pranayama for 30 minutes daily, using the Workplace stress scale and Perceived stress scale to measure Occupational stress and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index for assessing the sleep quality.    Results: This study shows that after 15 days of practice of Bhramari pranayama, there was a reduction in stress level observed based on the Workplace stress scale (with a p-value of 0.004) and Perceived stress scale (p-value = 0.002). A significant improvement is observed in the sleep quality noted with a p-value less than 0.001. Conclusion: The present study has shown that Bhramari pranayama was found to be effective in reducing the Occupational stress of Corporate workers with an improvement in their sleep quality index after practising for 15 days. Moreover, further research on clinical implications is suggested based on these preliminary results.