Published Paper

Assistive Technology Devices, Daily Living Activities and Developmental Levels of Students with Physical Disabilities in Biology in Oyo State, Nigeria

Dorcas Omolara Oyawole1 (Ph.D), Olatunbosun Emmanuel Ogunseemi2 (Ph.D), Lawal Babatunde Yusuf3 & Kareem Saliu Adeyemi4
Page: 40-54
Published on: 2024 June


This study was designed to investigate the Assistive Technology Device, Daily Living Activities and Developmental Level of the Student with Physically Impaired Student in biology class in selected special school in Oyo state. This study made use of structured questionnaire in gathering the opinion of the participants in the sampled schools. Total numbers of 30 students were selected from three different schools in this study; the instrument used for data collection was questionnaire which was administered personally by the researchers. The method used for data analysis is Chi Square to examine the findings. It was recommended that, government should provide adequate funding to improve availability and affordability of assistive technology for children with disabilities, curriculum developers should enable students with disabilities access to all conventional policies, systems and services (for example, health facilities, schools, transportation and playgrounds) through assistive technology and accessibility measures as required, Government and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) should include access to assistive technology in the education policy and programmers among others.