Published Paper

Influencers Marketing: A Dart on the Psychology of Consumers Through Social Media

Dr. Mani Tyagi Dr. Saji Geroge Dr. Dileep Kumar M. Dr. Cross Daneil
Page: 04-17
Published on: 2024 March


This chapter is designed to help marketers broaden their horizons to attract customers through influencer marketing. The literature incorporated in the chapterprovide information about consumer buying behaviour through inspiration from different people i.e., Influencers. The chapter followed qualitative investigation with the support of content analysis and systematic literature review. Protocol based questions were created around the following social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora. The information in this chapter will help marketers gain exposure on specific social media platforms based on the industry or market in which they operate or market. To reach the right consumers in the right places, it is critical to use the right platform. Understanding this aspect will help marketers generate leads by creating low-cost campaigns.