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Status of development in different blocks of Jalpaiguri district

Priyabrata Mondal


Jalpaiguri is one of the most backward districts of west Bengal where poverty is a barrier to development. Generally poverty is measured by Below Poverty Line (BPL) indices in rural areas. Below poverty line is an economic bench mark and poverty threshold used by the government of India to indicate economic disadvantage and to identify individuals and households in need of government assistance and aid. Poverty refers to the condition of not having the means to afford basic human need such as clean water, nutrition care, clothing and shelter. This paper is attempted to study the poverty status with some remedial measures.



Influence of Political Advertorials on Voter Education in the 2015 General Elections in North-Central Nigeria

Tiamiyu, Kabiru Adebowale & Anthony C. Ekwueme


The objective of this study was to determine the influence of political advertorials in educating the electorate on the need to vote during elections in Nigeria. The study focused on the 2015 general election in Nigeria with particular attention to North Central Nigeria. The population of the study was 191,554, comprising the number of state civil servants in North-Central Nigeria, while multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 382 as the sample for the study, arrived at, using the Kretcie and Morgan sampling table. After a descriptive and inferential data analysis, it was found out that there was high level of use of political advertorials for voter education in 2015 elections. Most of the respondents were exposed to political advertorials on voter education in North-Central Nigeria, since more than 90% of them read the advertorials, most of the political advertorials were written to favour certain candidates and political parties; hence the voter education content was bias, among others. It was recommended, among others, that there should be more of political advertorials regularly on the pages of Nigeria newspaper, instead of limiting such publications to the election years alone, as it will lead to consistency in the messages, thereby registering on peoples’ minds political consciousness, needed for voter education.


A Study of Emergence of Railways During the British Rule

Mr. Pawar


 This article throws light on the need for the construction of Railways during the colonial period. The construction of Railways is considered as an important development by the Britishers in India. It connected even the interior area. It also focuses on the impact on the economy. The British commercial and economic benefits can be reflected.


Occupational Efficacy of male and female Higher Secondary School Teachers in Division Kashmir- A Comparative Study

Aashiq Ahmad Thoker


The present study was conducted to find and compare the occupational efficacy of male and female School teachers working in different higher secondary schools of Kashmir Division. 800 higher secondary School teachers were selected by using random sampling technique. Occupational efficacy Scale developed by SanjyotPethe, SushamaChaudhari and UpiderDhar was uses for data collection. The collected data was subjected to statistical treatment by using percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, and ‘t’ test. Results revealed that male and female School teachers differ significantly on various levels of occupational efficacy. High level ofoccupational efficacy was found among male school teachers as compared to female School teachers.


Professional Ethics of Secondary School Teachers with special reference to Rural Urban Dichotomy

Dr.Aashiq Ahmad Thoker


The purpose of the study was to find out the Professional ethics of teachers working in Government and Private schools of Kashmir Division. The study was descriptive in nature and was conducted over a sample of 800 rural and urban secondaryschool teachers. Whole sample was selected by using random sampling technique.  For collection of data, the investigator has used Professional Ethics Scale developed by Mattoo, M. I. &Thoker, A. A. The data was subjected to statistical treatment by using percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, and ‘t’ test. Results revealed that locality has significant impact on level of professional ethics of teachers. However, urban School Teachers were found high level of Professional Ethics as compared to rural school teachers.


Pre-Purchase Behaviour of Television Buyers: A Study With Reference To North Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Palisetti Giribabu


The main objective of this paper is to examine the Pre-purchase behavior of television buyers for buying reputed brands of new televisions in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Vishakhapatnam districts of North coastal districts in Andhrapradesh along with suitable suggestions for improvement of sound sales of the particular brands. The primary data collected from the respondents of above three districts. The study found  that Out of 675 respondents, 285(10.56) respondents are given 1strank for price means they give most important to price, 140(5.19) respondents are given to picture clarity, 95, 68, 60 and 27 respondents are given most important to brand image, new features, sound clarity and appearance respectively consider while buying a new television. The percentages, growth rates, ranking system and graphs used as a technique of this study.


Non-Brahmanism and Nature: An Intellectual Environmental History of Jyotirao Phule

V.M. Ravi Kumar


This paper explores the ecological dimension of non-Brahman discourse and practice by focusing on Jyotirao Phule who happens to be one of the critical thinkers of modern India. His ideas on non-Brahman movement received wider popularity within Indian public and academia. This paper proposes that the ideas of Phule have exciting ecological dimension which are extremely useful in the contemporary times. By focusing on ecological dimension of Phule, this paper proposes that he puts equity at the centre stage of rural development and ecological progress. By exploring the ideas of Phule this paper attempts to construct a theory of non Brahman perspective of nature. This theory enables us to look at nature beyond Hindu nationalist and Brahmanical perspective which needs to capture the non-Brahman perception of nature.     


Rural housing and importance of agriculture-A study of Palakkad district

Dr.R.Sarojani & Promodh.S


Housing is essential for the well-being and social security of rural population. Comparing to urban areas and other sectors, rural people suffer from deprivation, lower incomes, seasonal unemployment etc so many households find it difficult to gain ownership of homes. Agriculture development is a necessary pre condition for the rural development especially to housing development in rural areas. Rural development in general is used to denote the actions and initiatives taken by the government to improve the standard of living in rural areas. Housing is essential for the well-being and social security of rural people. For the social sustainability of rural population, housing facility is very important to them.  Rural housing should contribute substantial improvements in the quality of life, personality of the rural family, improvements in basic amenities, family's health and efficiency, women’s and children’s economic and social well being.


Sedimentation assessment of Bhatghar reservoir through satellite remote sensing

Suhas Kamble & D.M. Wankhede


Sediments in the reservoir are related to the reservoir's capacity because it affects live and dead storage. The present study covers the use of satellite remote sensing data in the sedimentary study of bhatghar reservoir in Bhortaluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. Satellite data furnishopportunity to study the reservoir characteristics at different scale and at different stages. The energetic aspect of the reservoir is mainly the spread of water, and the distribution and concentration of suspended matter need to be regularly mapping and monitoring. Multi-date satellite remote sensing data provide information on elevation contours in terms of water spread area. According to the existing records, (Pune Irrigation Division) the Bhatghar Dam was built in 1927 Therefore, the area capacity curve in 1927 was used as the base year for this study. Gross storage The Bhatghar Reservoir was 672.65 Mm3 in 1927. The dead and live storage for the equal ware   2.16 Mm3 at 578.48 m for MDDL and 670.49 Mm3 at 623.28 m for FRL respectively.After analyzing the satellite data in year 2015-16, the study found that there was loss of gross storage of 98.07 Mm3 in 89 years.Therefore, from the current study, application technology plays an important role in reservoir sediment assessment.


Bankruptcy Prediction: A Study of Predictive Power of Altman Model and its Predictors in Indian Corporate Sector

Gurmeet Singh & Dr. Ravi Singla


Bankruptcy prediction is the interest area for many academicians and researchers. Many researchers developed the bankruptcy prediction models from time to time. Altman (1968) is a widely used model to predict corporate failure. The present research paper examines the predictive ability of the Altman’s model and its variables as predictors of bankruptcy in the Indian corporate sector. By using the sample of 37 defaulted and 37 non-defaulted companies matched by asset size and industry classification, we find that the predictive power of the model is higher in case of defaulted companies than non-defaulted companies. Since almost all the variables used in the model as predictors violates the assumption of normality, thus by applying the Mann-Whitney test and Spearman’s Correlation test we observe that all the variables have discriminating power between defaulted and non-defaulted companies and are found to be positively related to Z-score. Predictive power of Altman’s model is weaker in the case of non-defaulted companies which leads to decrease in overall accuracy rate of the model.

Siddhartha Gigoos The Garden of Solitude: A Saga of Forced Migration and Its Impact on the Identity of Kashmiri Pandits

Simran Koul and Dr. Pallavi Thakur


Migration is the movement of people from one place to another, either voluntary or involuntary aiming to settle in new location. Forced migrants in exile are significantly more vulnerable to identity change than any other social group (Bhugra, 2004, p.130). Migrant’s often experience continuous adaptive demands leading to identity-crisis due to socio-cultural difference. The paper investigates how forced migration of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in 1990s due to militancy have resulted in forming and reforming their identity as depicted in Siddhartha Gigoo’s The Garden of Solitude. It examines the three stages of identity crisis experienced by the Kashmiri Pandits: 1. Hiding their identities during the volatile situation in 1990s Kashmir 2. Shedding of the home, culture, distinctive practise and their identity while severing their ties with the native land. 3. Facing the dilemma of cultural adaptation and identity maintenance in the host land post-migration. Identity-crisis positions them as a subaltern with no socio-economic agency and reflects their inability to generate discourse from that subaltern position. The paper explores Kashmiri Pandits trauma, as portrayed in The Garden of Solitude, whose search for their identities augments the desire to resettle in their homeland.


Impact of Agile Methodology on Project Team Dynamics in MTN Nigeria

Ferguson Okechukwu Uzomah & Frank Alaba Ogedengbe


This study is on the impact of agile methodology on project team dynamics in MTN, a mobile telecommunication firm in Nigeria. The study adopted the survey research design methodology and was circumspective in the process. Primary method of data collection, specifically the use of questionnaire was employed in the collection of data used in the study. The Partial Least Square Structural Equation Model (PLS-SEM) was used inanalysing the data extracted from 155 respondents that also formed the population of the study. The findings and conclusion in this study include, that agile methodology has significant effect on project team dynamics viz: - team collaboration, team communication, and team motivation. The study supports and recommends that project managers and by extension, organizations should focus and direct attention toward project team dynamics by promoting the spirit of cooperation and open communication among project teams members. This is achievable by supporting regular team meetings, giving team members the chance to offer comments, suggestions, and opinions, as well asparticularly encouraging openness among team members and in project managementin general. Deliberate attempt and effort in building respect and trust amongst team members should be given priority as respect and trust among team members are crucial and vital components in effective communication and collaboration. Project managers are admonishedto place priority on team involvement, communication, collaboration,and motivation.