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Rural Urban Differential Impact of Micro finance on SHGs beneficiaries on various poverty related dimensions

Dr. Syed Javed Iqbal Kamili


Microfinance is playing a significant role in reaching to those who have not been reached yet by the formal financial institutions and the world is seriously contemplating to minimize the gage between the haves and have-nots. the current study examines the impact of Microfinance on the  economic Empowerment of  Microfinance beneficiaries in the Kashmir Division of J & K State (India). The present study made an attempt to examine the impact of microfinance on the Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the selected districts of India in Kashmir Division of J&K State (India). It is observed in this study that microfinance development has a significant impact on Economic empowerment of microfinance beneficiaries.


Professional Ethics of Secondary School Teachers with special reference to type of School

Dr. Aashiq Ahmad Thoker


The present study focuses on the level of Professional ethics of the teachers working in Government and private schools of Kashmir Division. By using the descriptive survey method  800 respondents were drawn by the investigator under  random sampling technique from the school teachers working at  higher secondary levels. Professional Ethics Scale developed by Mattoo, M. I. &Thoker, A. A. was uses for data collection. The data was subjected to statistical treatment by using percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation, and ‘t’ test. Results revealed that impact of school seems to be significant on level of professional ethics of teachers. However, Private School teachers were found high level of ethical consciousness towards their profession as compared to Government School teachers. 

History of world tourism- an empirical study

Dr. R. Senthilkumar


Tourism is vital for many countries, such as the U.A.E, Egypt, Greece and Thailand, and many island nations, such as The Bahamas, Fiji, Maldives and the Seychelles, due to the large intake of money for businesses with their goods and services and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism. These service industries include transportation services, such as airlines, cruise ships and taxis, hospitality services, such as accommodations, including hotels and resorts, and entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, casinos, shopping malls, various music venues and the theatre. This paper draws the outlines of the notion and importance of the tourism history, by putting it in perspective of the more recent views of that discipline, which has gradually emerged as a separate entity within both historical, as well as tourism research. It has been the subject of interest with experts and scientists, especially those dealing with tourism which derives information from specific sources and by different methodology of research. Incorporated in social, economic and cultural environment, tourism followed a sequential path assuming various shapes in its gradual development.


A proposed modal for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to implement e-commerce in their organisation

Pramod Kumar Mishra


E-electronic commerce is playing very significant role in the growth of small and medium size organisation (SMEs). SMEs can compete in domestic and worldwide market with the help of e-commerce. This conceptual model is based on that factor which affects the Business to Consumer (B2C) success. This conceptual study is based on 25 year research done on this area of e-commerce. This model is helpful for those organisations doing business using e-commerce. This conceptual modal is made seven important factors that are affecting internal and external efficiency of business. Each factor related to this modal is explaining or examine in detail, also check or examine it that how any company will integrate with there e-commerce.


Immigration in Assam during Colonial rule: Its Impact on the Socio- Economic and Demography of Assam

Bishwajit Sonowal


The problem of immigration is becoming serious day by day in Assam. It has deep impact on the socio-economic and political life of Assam. However, immigration is not a recent phenomenon in the context of Assam. It was the British government who, for the first time initiated the trend of immigration as a state policy into Assam. At the very outset, immigration was primarily concerned to economic activities, but later it was more political rather economic. Besides, immigration in the beginning was very small. It was not viewed as a threat to the Assam’s society. But in the subsequent days, the pace of immigration reached into such a stage which posed great challenges to society of Assam. Therefore, in this writing an attempt is being made to understand the histogenesis and the impact of immigration on the society of Assam.