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Research on the Management Mechanism of Enterprise Service Innovation

Amita Shahid


Service innovation is the driving force of social progress and provides necessary impetus to the overall economic growth of the service industry. Although the importance of service innovation is very strong, the current definition of related concepts and definitions in academia is not yet clear. A large-scale economy as a whole can be interpreted as a large service system that contains a variety of interrelated subsystems. Therefore, to further promote the economic development through service innovation, we need to know how to establish the management mechanism of service innovation at the enterprise level. This paper gives a new definition of service innovation and also points out the difference between the traditional model of innovation and new models of innovation. This paper pays special attention to the promotion of enterprise services, and relies on relevant theories of management to construct a service innovation management mechanism for enterprise service innovation based on theoretical guidance.


Influence of squat exercises on flexibility and core strength among school Kho-Kho players

K. Satheesh Kumar & S. Arumugam


The purpose of the study was to find out the influence of squat exercises on flexibility and core strength among school kho-kho players. To achieve the purpose of the study thirty school kho-kho players were selected randomly as subjects from various schools in Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India and their age were ranged from 15 to 17 years. The school kho-kho players were assigned at random into two groups of each fifteen (N=15). Group-I underwent squat exercises and Group–II acted as control group who did not attended any special training other than their daily school schedule curriculum. The duration of the training period was restricted to six week for three alternative days per week. The pre and post tests data were collected before and after the training period. The dependent variables flexibility and core strength were tested by standardized test items sit & reach and plank tests respectively. The collected data from the two groups prior to and after the experimental treatments on selected variables flexibility and core strength  were statistically analyzed by using dependent‘t’ test and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). In all the cases the level of confidence was fixed at 0.05 significant. The result of the study indicated that the experimental group had shown significantly improved in flexibility and core strength among school kho-kho players due to the influence of squat exercises. However the control group did not shown any significant improvement on selected variables such as flexibility and core strength.


Interpretive Structural Modeling of Challenges for Indian Machine Tool Small and Medium Enterprises

Dr. Ravinder Kumar*, Ravi Singh**, ShrilekhKalas**, Karan Bamarah**, Amit Singh


Machine tool small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India have been a major contributor to the manufacturing sector from last many decades. It has ensured that the Indian machinery market is self-sufficed. In the globalized and modern market, Indian machine tool SMEs is facing competition not only from local players but also from global competitors. Timely delivery of good quality,low cost products is the main challenge for Indian machine tool SMEs. The study focuses and identifies the challenges for Indian machine tool SMEs by the critical review of the literature and tries to prioritize challenges and factors using Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) by taking guidance from experts both of academic & industry. The paper also segregates the challenging factors based on their driving/dependence power. It is observed that top management competency, government and regulatory compliance, financial stringency, fragile local/globalized market demand and modern innovation technology are main driving powers and weakly dependent on other factors. Competition from the global market, job precision and automation, Supply Chain disruption, logistics management, better marketing strategy and export policy are weak drivers but are strongly dependent on other factors.


Effects of Working Capital Management on Profitability: Evidence from Ethiopian Corporate Sector

Amanuel Tesfay and Dr. G.S. Batra


The purpose of this study was to examine effects of working capital management on firm profitability. It used return on total assets as a measure of profitability and the cash conversion cycle and its components to measure working capital management efficiency. Income statement and balance sheet of 353 manufacturing and merchandising companies in Ethiopia were employed. Panel data regression results showed that there is negative significant effect of cash conversion cycle on profitability. Besides, inventory period and accounts receivable period have negative and significant effect on profitability. And accounts payable period has positive and significant effect. Furthermore, leverage, firm growth rate and firm size also significantly influence profitability. However, these relationships don’t significantly differ between manufacturing and merchandising companies. Therefore, firms can enhance profitability by reducing the length of the cash conversion cycle, inventory period, accounts receivable period and by negotiating longer credit period from creditors.


Career dwindling by drugs addicted students: an appraisal on NIMS University Jaipur

Mr. Om Singh


The research titled “causes and effects of drugs abuse on students’ academic performance”. Drug abuse among youth is a major national concern, it is troubling, and it has derogatory effects on youth such as health and behavioral problems, or even death. A sample of 290 undergraduate students and staff were randomly selected from nine faculties of Nims University Jaipur. One of the research questions is what the causes of drug abuse among students are. 5-point liker scale of drug questionnaire was administered and distributed personally. The data collected and analyzed using percentage. It was discovered that the drug abuse has serious negative effects on students’ academic performance. Recommendations are: Drug-free Clubs should be encourage among students, regular awareness programs should be maintain and group and individual counselling should be introduce.


Application of RS and GIS in the assessment of changes of land use and land cover due to urbanization in Rajpur-Sonarpur municipality, South 24 Parganas.

Pompa Mondal & Dr. Tapas Mistri


Urbanization is a quite natural process and a reflection of signature of human culture. In every parts of the world this process is continuing unabatedly that started since time immemorial. Urban growth is related to the urban sprawl is the result of extreme population pressure within the urban centre and man’s desire to live in cities or adjacent to the cities but very limited space in the city heart that already facing over congestion. When a ‘formal’ space is converted into a ‘functional’ one many changes occur that can be visualized from the external changes that is the manifestations of the internal intricate socio-economic forces. In this respect land use & land cover changes are very vital that needs an attention to the scholars of all disciplines. The present study is concerned with the assessment of the trend of urban growth and its effect on environment in Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality of South 24 Pgs, West Bengal. This is one of the fastest growing municipalities of the world. In this study GIS and Remote Sensing techniques have been used to show the built up area of the study area and to detect the growth of urban area in temporal scale. With the help of indexing approach the impact of urban growth on various individual components of natural environment is also studied through this study. In this study it is observed that land use and land cover of the area have changed a lot due to extreme pressure of population, degradation of vegetation coverage and unplanned urban growth that needs proper monitoring and planning to control future hazards related to urban areas.



A study of English medium school teachers’ quarter life crisis in relation to their quality of work life

Minal R. Thakur and Prof. (Dr.) Indu Garg


This paper is an attempt to present an analysis of types of quarter life crisis faced by the teachers falling in the age group of 23 to 30 years and its correlation with the quality of their work life. Psychology, believes that engagement in work is good for health in contrast to remaining unemployed in life. But, being employed in an unhappy work environment can make one an easy prey to a variety of crisis. These crisis could be related to the productivity and quality of work put in by the teacher or handling the personal issues. The purpose to conduct this research was to know if teachers in their quarter life period, face crisis and whether these crisis lower their quality of work life. Quarter life crisis, is the period of transition to adulthood when an individual is confronted with new responsibilities, new freedom and choices which makes him feel incapable, ambivalent and apprehensive while trying to attend a comfortable living. These crisis affect the quality of work life – a process by which an organization responds to teachers need by developing mechanisms that allow them to design their lives at work. The present study used correlational method to assess statistical relationship between the two variables. The sample of 393 teachers from English medium schools of Greater Mumbai was considered for the study. The findings of the study high lights a significant positive moderate correlationship between the variables of quarter life crisis and quality of work life.