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Assessing the Impact of Language Diversity in Interpersonal Communication in Case of Second and Third Year English Language and Literature Students of Bule Hora University

Yonas Yohannes Koyra


This study dealt with assessing the gap of interpersonal communication among students resulted from diversified language background focused on Bule Hora University second and third year English Language and Literature Students in 2020 G. C. academic year. Students in university need to have good interpersonal communication skills particularly oral communication which takes place in face-to-face interaction through words of the mouth. Ethiopia has multi languages and how it may affect oral interpersonal communication skills of students is the gap to fulfill this study. The research used descriptive research designs both qualitative and quantitative methods. Questionnaire, observation, and focus group discussion tools were employed to gather the data. Totally there are 44 students all of them participated in data gathering process by available sampling technique. The findings of the study indicated that interpersonal communication among Blue Hora University students of English language and literature department mainly affected by diverse language background. The participants have better understanding about interpersonal communication, but they face a great challenge to implement it with any students who have diversified language in the campus except those who use identical mother tongue incase interpersonal communication especially oral communication is highly influenced by language diversity.  Students’ preference to communicate a person as well as the language resulted in language barrier which resulted malfunction in oral communication. The study reveals that there is a communication breakdown among students who came from different language background Therefore, they mightn’t made mutual relationships among students and also there were misunderstanding and misinterpretation among themselves. In case of that they missed knowledge and techniques to solve problems together with different students; this resulted in limitation of knowledge.  Actually student students have no lack of knowledge of interpersonal communication, personal problem, and culture difference, but language diverse greatly affected their interpersonal communication particularly oral communication. 


Determinants of corporate social responsibility practices: the case of selected manufacturing companies in Guraghe zone, Ethiopia

Minda Yirga Beyene & Aweke Ashenafi Kide


The aim of this study was to assess determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)practice in selected manufacturing companies in Guraghe Zone. The study employed explanatory research design a long with mixed approach. Purposive, proportionate stratified and simple random sampling techniques were used to select two manufacturing companies and 181respondents. Primary data were collected through self-administered questionnaires, interviews, observation and focus group discussions. Descriptive statistics, Spearman’s correlation and binary logistic regression model were used to analyze the quantitative data by using a Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 20.Thequalitative data, on the other hand, were narrated systematically using content analysis approach to support the quantitative analysis results. The findings of the study revealed that CSR was practiced at moderate level in the studied manufacturing companies. Further, the study result shows that the determinant factors that affect CSR a relabor pressure, consumer demand, community enforcement, sustainability and profitability, social license, and nature of the firm. These factors have significant and positive correlation and effect on CSRP with varied extent. Among the determinants, community enforcement, and sustainability and profitability have greatest predictive effect on CSRP. Therefore, this study suggests to manufacturing companies to consider the identified evidence of determinant factors of CSRP so as to take actions in order to improve CSR implementation.


Influence of Political Advertorials on Voter Education in the 2015 General Elections in North-Central Nigeria

Tiamiyu, Kabiru Adebowale & Anthony C. Ekwueme


The objective of this study was to determine the influence of political advertorials in educating the electorate on the need to vote during elections in Nigeria. The study focused on the 2015 general election in Nigeria with particular attention to North Central Nigeria. The population of the study was 191,554, comprising the number of state civil servants in North-Central Nigeria, while multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 382 as the sample for the study, arrived at, using the Kretcie and Morgan sampling table. After a descriptive and inferential data analysis, it was found out that there was high level of use of political advertorials for voter education in 2015 elections. Most of the respondents were exposed to political advertorials on voter education in North-Central Nigeria, since more than 90% of them read the advertorials, most of the political advertorials were written to favour certain candidates and political parties; hence the voter education content was bias, among others. It was recommended, among others, that there should be more of political advertorials regularly on the pages of Nigeria newspaper, instead of limiting such publications to the election years alone, as it will lead to consistency in the messages, thereby registering on peoples’ minds political consciousness, needed for voter education.


A Study of Emergence of Railways During the British Rule

Mr. Pawar


 This article throws light on the need for the construction of Railways during the colonial period. The construction of Railways is considered as an important development by the Britishers in India. It connected even the interior area. It also focuses on the impact on the economy. The British commercial and economic benefits can be reflected.


Mathematics Learning Disability: Some Strategies to Teach Students who have Mathematics Learning Disability

Onoshakpokaiye, E. Odiri


Mathematics is a subject taught in all schools, made compulsory for all educational system and also it is the basic requirement for all students to study any course in higher institution. This subject  has been a problem to so many students for its calculation. Many of the students are afraid of the subject, because of the general notion that it is the most difficult subject. Aside these group of students, we have other students who have learning disability in mathematics. These group of students find it difficulty to learn and understand mathematics concepts, most of them are discouraged and frustrated due to their inability to learn and understand the basic mathematics concepts. Some of the mathematics teachers handling the subject are not trained in the area of handling these group of students, some are impatient, since they do not specialize in this special area of needs that will take care of students who have mathematics learning disability and so there is problem in teaching these group of students the subjects. There is need for trained teachers in this aspect to take care of the learning disability of students. The paper examines mathematics and learning disability, learning disability in mathematics and student’s performance, teaching students who have mathematics learning disability and some of the approaches that can be applied to teach students with mathematics learning disability.


Caregivers Perception of Broadcast Media Child-Killer Disease Campaigns in Southeast Nigeria

Cynthia Ijeoma Emeafor, Nnanyelugo Okoro and Obinna F. Emeafor


The objective of this study was to determine caregivers’ perception of broadcast media reportage of child-killer diseases with specific attention to South-East Nigeria.  Mixed-method research design was adopted for the study and the respondents were caregivers randomly selected from health centres, which are the government’s outlets for immunization and vaccination within communities in the region. Quantitative data were collected through questionnaire while qualitative data were obtained through focus group discussions. Quantitative data were analyzed using frequencies and percentages. From the study, the popular broadcast media campaigns on child-killer diseases in the region were identified while the relevance and usefulness of the messages were ascertained. The perception about scientifically unproven effects of the vaccines is a clog in the implementation of the campaign messages in the region. More vigorous sensitization is needed to change the perception in the region about the effects of  vaccines and drugs against child-killer diseases.